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Ohio Sunshine Health Freedom - News, Events & Updates

Dear Concerned Ohio Citizens:

Congratulations!  Registration has been stopped!  Your letter writing has made a huge impact.

Our new health freedom bill, should receive a number soon!

WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER!  A concerted effort will get this accomplished.  Here is what  needs to  be done:

 Join our conference calls.  There will be regularly scheduled calls this summer starting June 24th at 8:00 p.m.  To join in on this call, dial 712-775-7000. The access code is 288597#.  Meet the OSHFC Steering Committee, be updated on where things are with H.B. 580 and find out what you can do to help.  We will be organizing workshops across the state. If you would like to host or attend one of these meetings, please let us know. 

We need your contact information!  Contact us with your address, phone, fax and E-mail address, so we will be able to let you know when and where hearings and other meetings will be held.  NSP may not be able to E-mail every time we have an urgent need to update you. Give your contact info to Linda at (440) 647-3769 or Susan at (937) 981-2924.

Enclosed are two versions of a form letter approved by Clinton Miller and Diane Miller in support of our bill.  Please write a personal note in the space provided, sign it, and then mail, E-mail or fax a copy to each member of the Commerce and Labor Committee. (List appears at the end). In addition, please send this letter to your personal Representative and Senator, letting them know that you are their constituent.  If you don‚€™t know your personal legislators‚€™ names, you can locate them by going to and enter your zip code +4.  Those without Internet access can call their board of elections or go to the public library.

We are asking you to take the time to write a personal note on your letter, because we have been told that this has a much greater impact with the legislators.  Tell them about your rights as a consumer in Ohio to a free and educated choice in health care providers. Also tell them that you depend on alternative and complementary care for you and your family.  Let them know how safe natural alternatives are, and that you are a caring neighbor who wants to promote a healthier society.  If you would like to write your own letter, we have sample letters on our website: 

Write, E-mail or call your personal Representative and Senator.  Make an appointment and start building a relationship with them.  We have an Ohio Empowerment Packet available for you that includes lobbying tips and some great responses to commonly asked questions.  We have also created a leave-behind flyer that can help you when speaking with legislators regarding our bill.  To receive the flyer and Ohio Empowerment Packet, please go to our website or contact Susan or Linda and they can E-mail it to you.

Make copies of the form letters and have all customers, clients, friends and family sign one copy.  Then you can make enough copies of these signed letters to send one to each member of the House Commerce and Labor Committee and your personal legislators. 

Legislators are looking for a voter base and campaign contributions. Let your legislators know that you plan to contribute to the re-election campaigns of those who support our bill, and that you will encourage others to do the same. Also tell them you know about line 32 of your state income tax form where you can designate who receives your campaign contributions.

Feedback from you will help us to know where we stand with each legislator and where we need to focus our conversations. After you speak with your legislator, please let us know how your conversation went, and if they are willing to make a commitment to the bill. E-mail or with this information. 

There could be two or more HEARINGS for this bill, hopefully in September.  We will need people to testify, as well as have a large crowd in attendance.  If you want to testify, let us know right away, so we can help you prepare your testimony.  The number of people at the hearing will most definitely have an impact on the legislators and can affect how they will vote. This is why it is so important that you attend these hearings. 

We have a yahoo group set up and are asking for everyone to please join this group. It makes it easier to disseminate important and urgent information, and offers an opportunity for everyone to ask questions and discuss issues online. To join this group, just send a blank E-mail to: and follow the instructions in the E-mail that you will receive. If you have problems joining, send an E-mail to and she will help you.

IMMEDIATE ACTION IS NEEDED!   We have only until December to get this bill through the House and Senate.  We have worked hard fending off registration for almost two years.  We need YOUR help to take advantage of this opportunity to make a difference by passing the Ohio Consumer Health Freedom Bill! 

VOLUNTEER! You don‚€™t have to volunteer a lot of hours to help support health freedom.  Even if you only have one hour a week, it is greatly appreciated!  If you are able to help in any way, let Linda or Susan know. 

Send this to at least 10 people who care about Health Freedom. Remember to join the OSHFC yahoo group and to give us your E-mail address and phone number so we can reach you quickly. Check our website for more information and updates:

The Steering Committee for Ohio Sunshine Health Freedom Coalition 
Susan Gingerich, Linda Murray, Jennifer Cheeseman, Pat Cassidy, Bobbee DeGordon, Terry Kiko, Joe Bassett, Shelly Whitt,
Dave and Linda Isner



Representative Mailing Address‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶.
77 High Street, Columbus, OH  43215
Senate Mailing Address‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶‚€¶ ‚€¶
Senate Building, Columbus, OH  43215




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